About Wharfedale Festival of Theatre

It's important to us to make art and culture accessible to everyone. In addition, we also aim to achieve the objective of creating innovative ways of bringing artists into contact with the general public.


Right from the very start, we thought of an appreciation of the arts and the cultural shaping of leisure activity as vital aspects of our project. Over time, we've gained many friends and partners who help us achieve this objective.


We're a friendly team who look forward to interest across the generations and cultures.


Current stalwarts serving either on the Festival Committee, or as assessors, or helping behind the scenes, are:
  • Joan Graham
  • Val Pennett
  • Joan Newman
  • Chris Robbins
  • Rosemary Grainger
  • Pat and Bernard Riley
  • Carol Allan
  • Ken and Margaret Stott
  • Kay Vann
  • Jean Garbutt
  • Geoff Mogridge
  • Pat Wigglesworth
  • Beverley Boyd
  • Gerald Long
  • Elizabeth Coggins
  • David Newby
  • Allan Hollings
  • Jamesine Cundell Walker
  • Chris Limb
  • Sally Edwards
  • Gilly Rogers


Members and their role

1. The role of the Committee is to administer the Wharfedale Festival of Theatre on behalf of the Societies and Groups who enter it. This administration involves:

(a) liaising with Schools, Societies and Groups in the general Wharfedale area to facilitate and progress entries to the Festival;
(b) maintaining correspondence with Schools, Societies and Groups to ascertain the details of entries and ensuring everyone is clear about entry conditions;
(c) making all the arrangements for the Awards Evening;
(d) as individual Committee members, assisting the Assessors by providing marks for productions as needed.

2. The Chairman of the Committee, who is also Chairman of Assessors, in conjunction with the Festival Secretary organises the assessors/markers for the five sections of the Festival - ie Drama (Adults), Musicals (Adults), Pantomimes (Adults), Drama (Youth & Schools), and Musicals (Youth & Schools).

3. All dramatic and operatic societies and youth and school drama groups in the general Wharfedale area can nominate one of their members to serve on the Wharfedale Festival of Theatre Committee. The Committee can also co-opt people who they feel can contribute a special skill or have relevant experience. The serving Committee is limited to 12 members. Current members are:

  • Malcolm Pinder (Committee Chairman and Festival Chairman)
  • Pat Riley (Festival Secretary and Publicity Officer)
  • Carol Allan (Trophies)
  • Rosemary Grainger 
  • Joan Graham (Treasurer)
  • Val Pennett
  • Chris Robbins
  • Bernard Riley
  • Gerald Long
  • Chris Limb
  • Jamesine Cundell Walker
  • Allan Hollings
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